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H405089-002 Spicer Transfer Case


H405089-002 Spicer Transfer Case

$8,998.99 CAD $17,179.39 CAD

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Spicer transfer cases for industrial applications ensure maximum power in all transmission speeds. You get full torque capacity in both front and rear axles, plus all-purpose capability in rough environments and across a range of applications, including:

  • Dump and block trucks
  • Fire trucks
  • Logging units
  • Transit mixers
  • Military vehicles
  • Sweepers
  • Oil and water drilling rigs
  • Agriculture and mining rigs

Spicer transfer cases give you the power of all-wheel drive, so you can take your trucks where the work is. Across sand, mud, ice, or snow, you will have maximum power in all transmission speeds and in just about any off-highway application. Spicer transfer cases can be coupled directly to a Spicer auxiliary transmission, providing full torque capacity to both front and rear axles.

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