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Meyer 51675 Super-V2 SS 8'6" Snow Plow


Meyer 51675 Super-V2 Stainless Steel 8'6" Snow Plow Assembly

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The Meyer Super-V2 offers aggressive styling and incredible plowing performance. This contractor-grade plow has independently controlled wings that give you the flexibility to go from a V, scoop or straight-blade configuration with just the press of one button. The Super-V2 is the perfect fit for 3/4-ton and larger pickups.

  • Type: Bottom-Trip

  • Vehicle: 3/4-ton trucks and larger

  • Construction: Stainless Steel

Blade Model #:Super-V2 SS 8' 6" Blade Type: Moldboard Length:8' 6" Moldboard Height:
Moldboard Gauge:12 Vertical Ribs:4 per wing Plow Trip Springs:2 per wing Cutting Edge:1/2" x 6"
Avg Width at Full Angle:88" Angling Rams:1-1/2" x 12" double acting Weight Complete:1030

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